Our Values

Act upon Chance,
Change and Challenge


Seize Emerging Opportunities

Explore potential opportunities and make quick decisions to seize new opportunities and secure competitiveness

Faster than Market Change

Respond to rapidly changing markets with agility


Innovative Solution

Have no fear of facing challenges and failures, and proactively solve problems instead of following the practices of the past

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Pursue sustainable values with entrepreneurship, and present effective solutions that are consistent with customer satisfaction and the Company’s interests


Global Outlook

Identify international trends and the market environment quickly and take the lead in responding to changes

Flexible Open Mind

Understand and accommodate the diversity of cultures and values


Create synergy by working together

Share each other’s views with respect and open-mindedness while admitting that going alone has limitations


Implement speedily when a decision is made

Speed up the pace of decision making, and execute decisions swiftly to lead changes