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Core basic materials for semiconductor industry

Polysilicon is a core basic material and the first item on the semiconductor industry value chain.
OCI produces 11-Nines grade (99.999999999% purity) high purity polysilicon used for semiconductor wafers.

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Semiconductor wafer

  • 초고순도 폴리실리콘
    Ultrapure polysilicon

    OCI manufactures 11-Nines ultrapure polysilicon using a stable and innovative process and supplies it to the world’s major semiconductor wafer and ultra-high efficiency solar wafer makers.

  • 최고 수준의 제품 품질
    Top product quality

    OCI provides products with the world’s best stable quality optimized for customers with integrated quality management systems (ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, IATF 16949 certification) and customer support.

  • 1. Raw materials

    OCI supplies

  • 2. Semiconductor fabrication

    Semiconductor wafer and semiconductor makers

  • 3. Final products

    Smartphones, servers, automobiles