We continue to make efforts to move toward a better and prosperous future.
We look forward to your patronage and support for the bright future of OCI.

A global advanced materials company continuously producing innovations

Greetings! I am Vice Chairman Teak Joung Kim of OCI Company Ltd.

For six decades since its incorporation in 1959, OCI has been engaged in the fine chemical industry, which is essential for the industrial development of the nation, and is tackling numerous challenges and generating creative innovations.
Based on its accumulated technology and expertise, OCI will grow as a leading global chemical company with the development of high value-added products and exploration of new business areas such as semiconductors and secondary battery materials. With a transparent management system, sound financial structure, and solid partnerships with customers, OCI will become a global chemical company that makes continuous value innovation for the environment, society and people. Your support and patronage of OCI is appreciated.

Thank you.

Teak Joung Kim, Vice Chairman of OCI Company Ltd.
Yoo Shin Kim, President (CEO) of OCI Company Ltd.Yoo Shin Kim, President (CEO) of OCI Company Ltd.
Yoo Shin Kim, President (CEO) of OCI Company Ltd.