Career Path

We grow all employees
as competitive talents

  • Global competence
    Global competence

    Cultivate talents with global competence

  • 글로벌 역량
    Work-level talents

    Cultivate talents with superior work skills through occupational training

  • Expertise

    Cultivate talents as specialists in each area

Educational system by position


책임/연구원: 책임 필수 과정 -> 6개월/1년차 워크샵 -> 신입사원 입문과정 & OJT -> 회계 기초 -> 재무회계, 선임책임: 선임책임 필수과정 -> 선임책임 심화과정, 매니저: 매니저 필수과정 -> 매니저 심화과정 -> 관리회계, 팀장: 신임 부장 과정 -> 부장 리더십 과정 , 임원: 신임 임원 과정 -> 임원 리더십 과정

Introduction to courses

Support for new employee onboarding

Effective introductory courses are provided for new employees, such as new employee orientations and first-year employee workshops

Mandatory Courses by Rank

Support for courses that enable the internalization of roles, responsibilities, and competencies required at each rank, and the development of essential competencies specific to each rank.