Phosphoric acid

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Major materials required for semiconductor wafer production

High purity phosphoric acid is essential in the semiconductor wafer etching process.
OCI is the largest high purity phosphoric acid producer in Korea and provides a stable supply of high purity phosphoric acid to leading semiconductor companies at home and abroad.

반도체 웨이퍼

Semiconductor wafer

LCD 디스플레이

LCD display

  • 건식 제조법
    Dry fabrication

    Semiconductor-grade phosphoric acid manufacturer using dry fabrication

  • 앞선 기술력
    Advanced technology

    Far lower metal content in semiconductor process compared to competitors

  • 1. Supply of
    raw materials

    OCI supplies high purity phosphoric acid

  • 2. Processing

    wafer companies,
    semiconductor manufacturers

  • 3. Final products

    Smartphones, servers, automobiles