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Basic material for the chemical industry

BTX (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene), one of the main aromatic hydrocarbon compounds, is a colorless liquid with a unique scent that is widely used as a base material in the chemical industry.

Benzene is combined with other molecules to produce new chemicals. It is widely used to make various products for daily use such as plastics, synthetic rubbers, detergents, and agricultural pesticides. Toluene and xylene are used as solvents to dissolve chemical products to produce paint and ink. OCI is the nation’s only BTX manufacturer that use byproducts from steelmaking. BTX is produced with the hydrogenation of coke oven light oil, a byproduct from steel production, by reaction under high temperature and pressure. Impurities and unsaturated hydrocarbons are extracted by extractive distillation.

플라스틱 제조

Plastics manufacturing

도료 용제

Paint solvent

잉크 용제

Ink solvent

  • 부산물의 고부가가치화
    Extracting high value-added byproducts

    The only company that uses coke oven light oil, a byproduct of steelmaking

  • 안정적 공급
    Stable supply

    Securing sufficient raw materials by using byproducts from the domestic steelmaking industry

  • 높은 기술력
    Advanced technology

    Responding to various quality needs of customers

  • 1. Supply of
    raw materials

    OCI supplies BTX

  • 2. Processing

    Plastic, paint and ink manufacturers

  • 3. Final products

    Plastic, paint, ink, etc.