OCI vision represents our commitment to adding value and creating a better future by utilizing core materials that form the foundation of the world.

Global Leading Advanced Materials Company


The core materials produced by OCI form the foundation of our lives, from small pens to cutting-edge electronic devices, and contribute to realizing a better world. As a global core materials producer that plays a fundamental role in providing raw materials and solutions in semiconductors and secondary batteries in addition to basic chemicals, OCI is committed to growing, exploring new worlds, and adding value to society.

Core values

With the vision of “Global Leading Advanced Materials Company,” OCI practices its core values, “Chance, Challenge and Change.” Based on its accumulated technology and expertise, OCI will grow as a leading global chemical company with the development of high value-added products and exploration of new business areas such as semiconductors and secondary battery materials. In addition, OCI is dedicated to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility in ESG based on sustainable management throughout our business.


    Seize Emerging Opportunities

    Explore potential opportunities and make quick decisions to seize new opportunities and secure competitiveness

    Faster than Market Change

    Respond to rapidly changing markets with agility


    Global Outlook

    Identify international trends and the market environment quickly and take the lead in responding to changes

    Flexible Open Mind

    Understand and accommodate the diversity of cultures and values


    Innovative Solution

    Have no fear of facing challenges and failures, and proactively solve problems instead of following the practices of the past

    Entrepreneurial Thinking

    Pursue sustainable values with entrepreneurship, and present effective solutions that are consistent with customer satisfaction and the Company’s interests