OCI Dream

OCI Dream, a standardized site for the disabled, was established to provide jobs, assist them with economic independence and create healthy social values. It runs Sun the Bud, a health food restaurant on the first floor of OCI headquarters, and operates the Dream Ensemble, a classical music group comprising artists with developmental disabilities. OCI Dream offers the disabled jobs in building management and clerical support services to foster an environment where employees with and without disabilities work together.

Dining-out Business

Sun the Bud, a health food restaurant, is operated to offer healthy meals with fresh ingredients and recipes.

Cultural Project

Dream Ensemble a classic music group, holds various performance events.

Clerical support and building management

We provide many clerical supports and company building rental and maintenance services.

Flower Business

OCI's corporate buildings are beautifully adorned with flower arrangements created by florists, and we also offer a personalized one-on-one flower ordering service

Love 1004 Campaign

The “Love 1004 Campaign” is an OCI employee charity fund launched in 2006 to support vulnerable groups that have been overlooked by the welfare system. The campaign fund is collected by deducting funds from employee's salary accounts (1,004 won per account) and adding support funds from the company, and is delivered to social welfare organizations and needy neighbors such as underfed children and the elderly living alone. OCI employees have gone beyond monetary donations by organizing the “1004 Volunteer Group,” and are actively involved in volunteer work.

1004 activities by site

Traveling exhibitions

OCI and the OCI Museum of Art hold traveling exhibitions in regional cities where OCI sites are located to share culture with local communities and provide them with opportunities to experience culture.

Scholarship project

OCI carries out educational support projects to contribute to educational development in society through the Songdo Academy and the Songam Foundation. Our education support helps improve the educational environment and cultivate talents in communities.

Participation of Guide Runners in Marathon Events for the Visually Impaired

Since 2009, OCI employees have participated in a marathon hosted by VMK, running alongside individuals with visual disabilities. The marathon, held twice a year in spring and fall, offers 5 km and 10 km courses.

Planting trees to cultivate forest

Employees participate in tree planting volunteer activities to create urban forests.

Employees' "1004 Volunteer Activities" 

We participate in a variety of volunteer activities in the fields of social welfare and the environment, practicing the value of sharing. This includes providing free bread, supporting experiential activities for people with disabilities, engaging in upcycling activities, environmental cleanup efforts, and meal service volunteering, among others.

A warm winter

We conduct volunteer activities to aid those in need during winter by collaborating with social welfare facilities and organizing blood donation campaigns.