High softening point pitch (HSPP)

  • #Anode material for secondary batteries

Advanced material used to improve the performance of secondary battery anode material

P&O Chemical, a joint venture with POSCO Future M, produces HSPP for secondary batteries to enhance the charge-discharge efficiency of batteries and extends their lifespan.

    High softening point pitch is mainly used to coat the surface of graphite anode material to extend the charging and discharging and lifespan of secondary batteries.


    Electric vehicle



    리튬이온 배터리

    Lithium-ion battery

    • 최초의 국산화
      First localized production in Korea

      It contributes to technological independence in the domestic battery materials sector with the localized production of material that was previously imported

    • 독보적인 기술력
      Unrivaled technology

      Developing high value-added products based on Korea’s only pitch production technology

    • 1. Product supply

      OCI supplies HSPP

    • 2. Processing

      Secondary battery
      anode material manufacturers

    • 3. Final products

      Electric vehicles,
      smartphones, etc.