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Essential material for plastic processing

Plasticizer is added to hard polymers to make them more flexible and resistant to cold, and to facilitate handling during fabrication.

Plasticizer is added to plastic raw materials to help fabricate various products by increasing their plasticity. Plasticizer is added to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is hard and brittle at room temperature, to make it soft and pliable for molding and processing. OCI’s plasticizer is added to PVC resin to produce electric cable compounds, wallpaper, flooring material, PVC film, automotive sealants (sealers), and artificial leather.




Electric cable and hose


Flooring material

  • 국내 주요 가소제 생산업체
    One of the major plasticizer makers in Korea

    OCI maintains a close relationship with many customers at home and abroad as a stable supplier of plasticizer

  • 원가경쟁력
    Cost competitiveness

    Securing high cost competitiveness by using the byproducts of steelmaking compared to competitors

  • 시장변화 부응
    Responding to market charges

    Continuing R&D for new types of plasticizer to cope with changes in demand

  • 1. Supply of
    raw materials

    OCI supplies plasticizer

  • 2. Processing

    Wallpaper, electric wire
    and flooring material makers

  • 3. Final products

    Wallpaper, electric wire, flooring material, etc.