Dedication to assisting
all employees

주거 및 생활안정 지원
  • Housing loan

    Employees without houses are assisted with in-house loans for housing purchase or rental

  • Emergency household loan

    Emergency fund loans are provided in case of diseases and funerals

  • Educational expenses for children

    Congratulatory money is given for admission to kindergarten and educational expenses for children as college students

  • Dormitory

    Support for residences for employees working outside the hometown

  • Settlement support funds

    Round-trip transportation fees are provided to new employees whose workplaces and hometowns are different

  • Family events

    Vacations and financial contributions are offered for marriage, death, and 60th birthday events of employees and families

  • Retirement pension

    A retirement pension system is offered for the stable post-retirement life of employees

의료 및 건강증진 지원
  • Employee counseling

    Employee counseling support with external professional counselors

  • Support for medical service and health

    Support for inpatient costs through group insurance (employee, spouse, children)

  • Medical checkup

    Medical checkup program for employee health

일 · 가정 양립 및 자기개발 지원
  • Vacations

    Provision of refresh leave (5 days) and half-day off

  • Vacation bonus

    Support for summer vacation bonus

  • Recreational facilities

    Use of condominiums and resorts

  • In-house club activities

    Support fund to promote friendship and leisure activities among employees

  • Flexible work arrangement

    Creating a work environment that enables a work-life balance by introducing a flexible work system tailored by task

  • Self Development Plan

    Support for costs of self-development of new employees

  • Workplace nursery

    Operating a workplace nursery for employees

  • Awards for long-term employees

    Prizes are presented and vacations are offered to long-term employees

  • Best employee awards

    Selecting and presenting awards to employees of the year

  • Providing welfare points

    Welfare points are provided by year