Carbon black

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Essential material for the tire industry

Carbon black refers to “black” in carbon, meaning black colorant made of carbon.
Carbon black improves the thermal resistance, wear resistance, and hardness of rubber when producing tires.

The most common use of carbon black is in automobile tires. It is also used as pigments for plastics and semiconductive screens for power cables. OCI strives to diversify product grades to expand its carbon black product lineup, and seeks opportunities to create high value-added new products such as electric vehicle tire carbon black and conductive carbon black.



전선 케이블

Automotive parts

리튬이온 배터리

Power cable

  • 국내 최대 생산능력
    Largest production capacity in Korea

    OCI has built close business relationships with the world’s major tire companies based on the largest carbon black production capacity and market share in Korea.

  • 원가 경쟁력
    Cost competitiveness

    Cost competitiveness with the flexible use of raw materials such as petroleum and steel byproducts

  • 생산 노하우
    Manufacturing know-how

    Experience and technology accumulated for more than 40 years

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    raw materials

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    carbon black

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    Tire and plastic

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