OCI Iksan Plant Receives Highest Rating, P Level, in Government’s Process Safety Management (PSM) Assessment

OCI Iksan Plant Receives Highest Rating, P Level,  in Government’s Process Safety Management (PSM) Assessment


- OCI Iksan plant receives top 5% workplace certification in Ministry of Employment and Labor's 2024 PSM assessment

- Has strengthened on-site safety management by operating task force team to improve safety culture

- Operates various safety and health councils, including Serious Disaster Prevention Committee, and has established systematic safety and health management infrastructure

- CEO YooShin Kim said, “OCI will continue its investment and support to ensure the internalization of safety values and occupational safety.” 


OCI announced that its Iksan plant has received a P (progressive) grade, the top level, in the 2024 PSM periodic assessment conducted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor’s annual PSM assessment evaluates safety management systems and their implementation at sites across the country that operate hazardous facilities to prevent major industrial accidents such as fires, explosions and leaks.

The assessment gives four grades, P (progressive), S (good), M+ (neutral), and M- (poor), and OCI’s Iksan Plant received the top rating of P, demonstrating that it is a government-certified top safety workplace. The P grade is awarded to the top 5% of all assessed companies.

The Iksan plant has been operating a safety culture improvement task force team since 2023 and has been systematically monitoring and addressing risk factors by designating employees for each element of process safety management. In particular, the Iksan plant has raised employees’ awareness of safety management and encouraged their active participation through the 12 PSM tasks exercise campaign, which was rated positively in this PSM assessment.

OCI maintains a thorough safety and health management system to strengthen safety management at all its sites, making occupational safety and health a top priority. OCI operates the Serious Disaster Prevention Committee to prevent serious accidents and actively respond to stricter occupational safety regulations, and regularly shares headquarters and site activities to improve safety and health management at a monthly meeting hosted by the CEO. In addition, OCI identifies and addresses various occupational risks, improves safety equipment and prevents occupational diseases through various councils including each site’s Occupational Health and Safety Committee and supplier councils.

OCI President YooShin Kim said, “Thanks to the efforts of all employees, including those at the Iksan plant, to strengthen safety management capabilities, we have achieved the highest rating, P grade. We will strive to internalize the values of safety and health and spare no investment or support to keep our workplaces safe and accident-free. (end)