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OCI Holdings
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Providing Transparent Financial
Information for Investors

Management Information

Promise for customers and shareholders, OCI Holdings thinks of trust first.


⺻ִ :  2019⿡ 33.308, 2020⿡ 10,381, 2021⿡ 27,387 Դϴ. Ѿ : 2016⿡ 9,540, 2017⿡ 46.506, 2018⿡ 20,272, 2019⿡ 0,  2020⿡ 0,  2021⿡ 47,699Դϴ.

Dividend Status

Dividend Status :2011,2012,2013,2014,Dividend Type,Dividend per Share,Net Income,Net Income per Share,Total Dividend Amount,Divident Yield Ratio (Dividend Ratio to Market Value),Divident Payout Ratio
Division Unit 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Dividend Type - Cash - - Cash Cash
Dividend per
KRW 850 - - 2,000 2,500
Net Income(*) KRW mil 70,724 -717,594 -253,611 173,225 131,120
Net Income per Share(**) KRW 2,965 -30,089 -10,696 7,325 5,502
Total Dividend
KRW mil 20,272 - - 47,699 58,873
Divident Yield
(Dividend Ratio
to Market Value)
% 0.78 - - 1.91 2.87
Divident Payout Ratio % 28.66 - - 27.54 44.90

* (non-consolidated) net income

** (non-consolidated) basic and diluted income (loss) per share from continuing operations

Shareholder return policy

OCI Holdings implements dividend payments as a major means of returning a portion of company profits to shareholders and follows the principle of stable cash dividends based on sustained growth. Additionally, if deemed necessary, OCI Holdings conducts share buybacks to maintain stock stability.
OCI Holdings strives to utilize over 30% of the remaining net cash flow for shareholder returns, excluding cash outflows from investment activities such as equity investments and subsidiary dividend income from separate operating profits of the holding company.
Moving forward, OCI Holdings will secure competitiveness in core businesses, generate stable profits, and increase shareholder value, aiming for the rise in corporate value. The company will continue to meet both the improvement of its financial structure and shareholders' dividend demands by maintaining a dividend level that can be communicated to shareholders through public disclosures upon dividend resolutions and providing dividend information at least once a year through earnings announcements or similar events.