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Management Information

Promise for customers and shareholders, OCI Holdings thinks of trust first.

Shareholders Status

ִֿ Ư : 23.4%, ܱ : 9.3%,  : 22.6%,  : 43.4%

Share Ratio Status

As of 2023.05.02
Share Ratio Status : Number of Stock,Share(%),Largest Shareholders and Related Persons,Foreign Investors,Institutional Investors,Individual Investors,Total Consisting table
  Number of Stock Share(%)
Total 16,412,642 100%
Largest Shareholders and Related Persons
3,897,953 23.75%
Foreign Investors 2,690,263 16.39%
Institutional Investors 4,256,345 25.93%
Individual Investors 5,568,081 33.93%

49th Annual General Shareholders' Meeting

Date : Wednesday, March 22, 2023 10:00 AM (Local time)

Venue : OCI Building, 94 Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

Total number of issued and outstanding shares with voting rights(A) : 23,549,371 shares

Number of shares attended : 13,514,683(57.4 % of (A))

Number of shares attended excluding the largest shareholders and related persons : 8,590,826 shares (36.5% of (A))

ȸ : Ȱ, , ȸǸ, ⼮ֽļ , ݴ ǥ
Agenda Pros Cons Abstention
1st bill 1-1 Approval of Financial Statements for the 49th Fiscal Year
(including Statement of appropriation of Retained Earnings)
92.3% 6.7% 1.0%
1-2 Approval of Consolidated Financial Statements for the 49th Fiscal Year 92.2% 6.6% 1.3%
2nd bill Partial amendment of the articles of incorporation 89.4% 9.6% 1.0%
3rd bill Approval of Annual Cap on Directors' Remuneration 88.6% 10.4% 1.0%
4th bill Partial amendment of executives severance payment terms 87.2% 11.8% 1.0%
5th bill Approval on spin-off agreement 79.9% 20.1% 0.1%
6th bill Approval on Appointment of a Director (Jin Seok Seo) 86.6% 12.3% 1.1%

The pros-and-cons ratio is calculated based on the number of shares attended with voting right which many differ across agenda according to the relevant laws and regulations.

Committments to Minority Shareholders

We are committed to protecting the rights of the Companys minority shareholders, whose rights are set forth below;

Right to call extraordinary meetings of shareholders

In accordance with the Commercial Act, shareholder(s) who own more than 1.5% of total number of issued and outstanding shares with voting rights for more than six month consecutively may request for the Company to convene extraordinary general shareholders' meetings.

Right to present shareholder proposals

In accordance with the Commercial Code and the Articles of Incorporation, shareholders who own more than 0.5% of outstanding shares with voting rights for more than six months may present shareholder proposals at an AGM.
The Board shall accept the proposal as agenda item of a general meeting of shareholders except where such proposal is in violation of laws or the Articles of Incorporation, or where it is subject to the rejection of a shareholder proposal as stipulated in Article 12 of the Enforcement Degree of the Commercial Code.
When requested by the shareholder who made the proposal, the details of the agenda item shall be stated in the notice of the meeting, and the shareholder will be given the opportunity to present the proposal at the meeting.