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Safety Management

OCI has established a safety and health management system and is strengthening overall safety and health management capabilities through the education for each workplace.


Safety and Health Management Policy

OCI Safety & Health Management Policy

OCI Safety & Health Management Policy

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We declare that safety and health are key management elements for companies that aim to become leaders in the global green energy and chemical industries and fulfill their social responsibilities. To reduce safety and health risks, All OCI employees shall strive to maintain a disaster-free workplace by complying with the following safety and health principles while performing their duties.
Occupational Safety & Health Principles (3P)
  • + Priority : Safety and health are prioritized during all activities, and work-related injuries and health disorders are prevented by complying with laws and other requirements.
  • + Positive : The safety and health management system is continuously improved in a positive and voluntary manner.
  • + Partnership : We strive to maintain a true partnership by gaining the trust of society, continuing dialogue with stakeholders, and promoting safety and health activities through consultation and participation with all employees.

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All OCI employees, partners and visitors work together for safety and health to contribute to sustainable development.

Safety and Health Management System

OCI Safety Golden Rule
 Wear proper PPE in areas where there is possible leakage upon opening facility.
 No work allowed without required work permit.
 Lock out tag out required when performing equipment maintenance.
 Environmental sensors must be checked before entering confined areas.
 Safety harnesses required when working at heights.
 Keep hands free and no use of mobile phones while walking.
 Be alert to the violations of safety regulations & work procedures.

OCI intends to preemptively respond to key environmental risks by implementing eco-friendly management following the SH&E principles Priority, Positive, and Partnership.

Emergency Response System


Training to Reinforce the Mindset of Safety and Health

Safety and health training is carried out for employees and suppliers. Along with the training conducted internally pursuant to the Industrial Safety and Health Act, courses that are commissioned to outsourced companies are offered : management of process safety for the safety part, and industrial safety and health on the health management part. The management supervisors are provided with practical training for prevention of severe accidents, risk prediction training, and industrial accident response.

Training Activities
  • Group safety & health training
  • Department safety & health training
  • Safety training for suppliers
  • Special safety & health training
  • Process safety training & etc
Training Contents
  • Training suited to each site
  • Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP)
  • Case Study of accidents at other business sites
  • Study for safe work manuals and procedures
  • Training for on-site emergency responsiveness
  • MSDS
  • Working environment and Health

Reinforcing Safety Management


- Launch of the Committee on Technical Safety
The Committee on Technical Safety, composed of experts in the safety environment, production, and maintenance fields, will conduct a technical review of the operation of the plant so that abnormalities occur during operation of the process.

- Strengthening Safety Management During Overseas Business Trips
OCI established an emergency response system to prevent and respond to accidents during overseas business trips. OCI also uses safety cards for employees on business trips abroad which include sentences requesting help in languages of major destinations for business trips, phone numbers of ambulances there, and a network of emergency contacts of employees in overseas representative offices.

- SH&E Leaders Workshop
The SH&E Leaders Workshop is periodically organized, being attended by managers of SH&E and the person in charge of related departments in order to strengthen communication on the safty & environment. OCI discusses major issues on SH&E and work performance and plans for each site. Efforts are made to continuously improve SH&E operations by sharing cases.

Spreading the Culture of Safety

- CEOs Letter on Safety
The CEO has sent a letter on safety to all employees since 2016. Under the slogan, Safety brings happiness!, the CEO raises the sense of safety among employees and encourages them to work harder for OCI to become a company that is engaged in activities to prevent safety accidents.

- Execution of SH&E Excellence Award
OCI motivates all executives and employees for safe environment management by rewarding departments that have contributed to the sound safety culture of the company once a year.

- Implementing the Immediate Incentives in SH&E
Employees that discover and improve on risks on SH&E are recommended on business sites and awarded with immediate incentives, raising the awareness of accident prevention among employees. The immediate incentive scheme induces employees to be engaged in preventive activities for safety with prompter and greater incentives than the existing schemes.