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About OCI

Global Leading Green Energy
& Chemical Company


OCI Holdings Chairman Mr. Woo Hyun Lee

Hello! I am Woo Hyun Lee, Chairman of OCI Holdings.

As the driver of Koreas chemical industry development for the past sixty years, OCI envisions a brighter future for all through the transition to a holding company structure.

OCI Holdings will be inaugurated to establish the growth strategy and investment plans of subsidiaries, and explore and develop future business areas.

As a holding company, OCI Holdings will establish an ESG system for sustainable growth and build sustainable value chains in all business processes from the development of high value-added future technology to efficient management.

To become a company with a long-lasting legacy, OCI Group is now embracing new changes.
I look forward to your unsparing support and patronage as OCI Holdings advances to a new era.

Thank you.

Woo Hyun Lee, Chairman & Representative Director of OCI HoldingsOCI Holdings Chairman Signature

OCI Holdings President Mr. Jin Sug Suh

Hello, I am Jin Sug Suh, President (CEO) of OCI Holdings.

I firmly trust that the launch of OCI Holdings will be the first step toward opening a new chapter in OCIs history, going beyond the history of challenges and innovations OCI has built so far.

OCI Holdings will actively support the growth of subsidiaries in accordance with their business characteristics and explore sources of new growth to develop the OCI Group in new directions.

Moreover, we will further strengthen ESG management to ensure solid management of the company.
With monitoring and regular risk assessment, OCI Holdings will develop responses and strengthen the Groups management system.

I look forward to your patronage and support as OCI Holdings navigates the challenges ahead with innovation.

Thank you.

Jin Sug Suh, President (CEO) & Representative Director of OCI HoldingsOCI Holdings President Signature

OCI Holdings building

HQ Building

Corporate introduction :Company name, Chairman,Vice Chairman , President, Founded, Number of Issued stock, Capital / Par Value, Employees, Address Consisting table
Company OCI Holdings (OCI Holdings Company Ltd.)
Woo Hyun Lee, Jin Sug Suh
Address 94 Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Date of Incorporation August 5, 1959
Listing Date June 2, 1976


  • Energy Solutions
    Energy Solutions
    Major Products
    • Solar PV Business
    • ESS (Energy Storage System)
    • Cogeneration
    Countries for Production
    Korea, China, and the United States
  • Other Business
    Petro Chemicals & Carbon Materials
    Major Projects
    • Urban development project
    • Pharmaceutical · Bio business