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VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel)

It is used mainly for bleaching textiles and wood pulp, and also widely used for soil remediation and wastewater disposal due to eco-friendliness.

Product Features




ENERVAC provides a high level insulation that enables the depth to be reduced to one-eighth that of existing insulation while showing the same insulation performance. In addition, OCI developed 'Phase Change Material', a special technology to control inside temperature to be within the targeted temperature range while minimizing the impact of the external changes. Using PCM technology, OCI expands business area to the high performance cold chain logistics container sector dedicated to transport pharmaceuticals and semiconductor materials as well as the traditional markets including construction and refrigerators.

vip Purpose
Class Specification (CTQ)
Brand name ENERVAC
Type Fumed Silica Vacuum Insulation Panel
Temperature range -30 ~ 80
Combusitibility Non-flammability
K-Factor (Initial) 0.0045 W/mK (at 20)
Density 210 30 /
Compression load 12 4 N/
Maximum size 960 x 1,650 (W x L)
Thickness 5 ~ 50

ENERVAC Insulation Performance

ENERVAC is a vacuum insulation material made of fumed silica which is eight time higher than the existing insulation delivering up to 40 years of life for insulation performance.

OCI Status

Iksan VIP plant

Iksan VIP plant

OCI started commercial production of vacuum insulation panel in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, starting in 2006 with R&D. The vacuum insulation panel based on fumed silica contains 1,000,000/year (4,000,000 pieces), the worlds largest capacity. Also, OCI has been supplying its products to many domestic and foreign sites through years of experience and has implemented customer satisfaction through specialized high-tech and certification.

  • 2006 - R&D
  • 2010 - Initiated Fumed Silica VIP production
  • 2010 - Acquired Certified Green Technology
  • 2011 - Initiated Fumed Silica VIP supply for refrigerators
  • 2012 - Fumed Silica VIP entering Europe

Production Process

OCI's vacuumm insulation panel ENERVAC maintains its highest quality through automated facilities from mixing materials to vacuum packaging and inspection.

Mixing Cores producing (Mold Type) Core drying (removing moisture and debris) Core cutting (cutting to customer request size) First shrinking packaging Packaging Al deposition film Vacuum process Wing cutting Aging Inspecting Shipping

Major Markets

Asian countries including China, Japan and Taiwan, Europe, America, Middle East and Africa

Key Point

  • Average 40 Years of Life Span

    Absorbability of high-performance films and Fumed Silica to block water and air penetration ensures a lifespan of approximately 40 years or more

  • Stable Supply

    Fumed silica, the main ingredient of vacuum insulation panel, is produced on its own to maintain stable supply and demand of products and high quality

  • High Technological Skill

    Based on its long experience in producing vacuum insulation materials, OCI supplies various types of products required in a wide range of industries


  • VIP FS Business Team: : +82-2-727-9285
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