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Urban development project

OCI is implementing a residential and commercial complex development project that will comprise 13,000 residential units in Yonghyeon Hagik District, the site of OCIs former Incheon

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Project Status

Urban ǥ̹

Urban Development

DCRE, an OCI subsidiary, has launched CITYOCIEL in July 2020, an urban development project in the Yonghyeon Hagik District of Incheon Metropolitan City, formerly the site of an OCI plant. CITYOCIEL is a private urban development project aimed at developing a mini-city with an area of 1.54 million square meters at 587-1, Hagik-dong, Michuhol-gu, Incheon. By investing KRW 5.7 trillion by 2025, ten residential complexes (8 complexes: proprietary development, two complexes: rental housing) will be built. About 13,000 households will move into the complexes. In March 2021, lot sales began for 977 residential apartment units, and 902 studio apartments in the 3rd complex, and the remainder will be sold sequentially. Large parks, leisure and cultural facilities, large commercial and convenience facilities, and infrastructure will be built in CITYOCIEL. It will become a leading mini-city in Incheon.

Brand Introduction


CITYOCIEL Brand Identity

O refers to optimum, origin, or the center of harmony, and CIEL in French means sky (top). A combination of residential value and economic value is required to generate the optimal value in a premier urban complex. It has a human-centric urban design and uses the concept of the sky based on the history of Yonghyeon and Hagik. CITYOCIEL means a top premier city, with harmony between nature, people, the city, and culture under the sky, complete with convenient transportation and adequate infrastructure.

Project Summary

Total area 1,546,747
Commercial land 71,659
Residential land 543,577 (13,149 units, expected to accommodate 33,530 people)
Business complex land 84,068
Urban infrastructure land 736,059 (parks and green spaces : 332,109, and land for five new schools)
Other facilities 111,384