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Solar PV Business

OCI supplies clean energy and protects the environment by Solar PV projects.

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Overall View of 66 MWdc 'Pearl' Solar PV Plant Constructed by OCI in Texas, USA

About Solar PV Business

Solar PV system converts sunlight into electricity, and it is the next-generation energy source that will replace conventional energy sources such as thermal and nuclear power generation, which damage the environment. The global solar PV market is growing 13% every year with close attention from many countries

Business Status

OCI Solar PV Business

OCI joined a large-scale solar PV project with a total of 560 MWdc in Texas, USA in 2012. The “Alamo Project” entailed the construction of eight solar PV plants between 2012 and 2017, and this is North America’s largest solar PV project, which can provide electricity to 70,000 households. The Alamo project is meaningful in that OCI, which entered the renewable energy field at an early time by developing Korea’s first polysilicon, was the first Korean company to advance into the North American solar PV market and was recognized for its business capability and opened the era of solar power in earnest.

Later, OCI advanced into China’s decentralized solar PV generation market by constructing a 2.6 MW solar PV plant in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China in 2015. It has been pioneering the Chinese market while constructing solar PV plants with a high availability rate and durability, one by one, in a close network with local governments in China.

OCI provides a one-stop solar PV business solution by diversifying business areas from the construction, operation and maintenance(O&M) to project financing with OCI Solar PV Fund, as well as project development based on its experience in the development and operation of 20 MW solar PV plants in the domestic solar PV market.

Also, OCI executes an ESS business for frequency regulation and peak shaving in Korea and the United States and is preparing to advance into the PV+ESS business, which is connected to solar PV plant.

OCI strategy point : reasonable investment, cooperation with business partner, optimization of production scale, maintaining financial stability

Key Point

  • Leader of Solar PV Business

    Based on the position of global leader in Polysilicon production, OCI is undertaking the leading role in solar PV market.

  • Leading Technology

    OCI possesses technology related to the overall solar PV business value chain including production of high-efficiency modules for maximized solar PV generation.

  • Global Network

    OCI has established a close relationship based on a wide network of global renewable energy companies and has experience in implementing projects.