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Product Search : Table of NO, Group, Name, GRADE
NO Group Name GRADE
38 Petro Chemicals & Carbon Materials Benzene For Further Production Information
37 Basic Chemical BPMC 95% up Technical
36 Basic Chemical Calcium Chloride Refer to the Further product information
35 Basic Chemical Carbofuran 98% up Technical, 75% DB formulated
34 Petro Chemicals & Carbon Materials Carbon Black N103, N205, N219, N220, N234, N326, N330, N339, N351, N550, N660, N774
33 Basic Chemical Caustic Soda 50%, 33%, 25%
32 Basic Chemical Chemical Reagent/ Pharmaceutical Ingredients
31 Basic Chemical ENERVAC
30 Basic Chemical Fumed Silica K-90, K-90D
K-150, K-150D
K-200, K-200D
K-300, K-300D
29 Basic Chemical Glacial Acetic Acid Refer to the Further product information
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