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Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is widely used in applications ranging from Household & Healthcare, to Semi-conductor, Display business and more.

Product Features




Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has been used in a wide range of fields, with its major application nowadays as an environmentally friendly oxidant in various industries including Healthcare, Food & Cosmetic.

Production Process

Hydrogen peroxide is produced by hydrogenation, oxidation and extraction processes. OCI produces hydrogen peroxide of various purity and concentration by controlling processes of concentration and dilution.

Hydrogen Peroxide in Daily Usage
  • DisinfectantDisinfectant
  • wood pulpWood pulp

OCI Status

Iksan Plant

Iksan Plant

OCI started producing hydrogen peroxide when Korea was intensively undergoing industrialization and was dependent on imports of hydrogen peroxide despite its high demand in 1970s. The OCI Iksan Plant started commercial production of hydrogen peroxide in 1979, and in 2010 its production reached 1 million tons.

Business Commencement


Production Plant Status

OCI Iksan Plant, Commercial Production in 1979

Major Markets

About 40 countries including Japan, Taiwan and Philippines

Key Point

  • Various Availability

    Used in various sectors, from the industrial bleach to electronic production

  • Stabled Supplying Capacity

    Stably supplying H2O2 by the strict production and supplying channel management

  • Producing Know-How

    Long years of experience and technology


  • Product Name : Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Chemical Formula : H2O2
  • CAS No. : 7722-84-1
  • Certification : ISO9001, ISO14001, KOSHA18001, KS
  • Tel : 82-2-7279-497
  • E-mail :
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