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Domestic Solar PV Business

OCI provides a one-stop service for domestic solar PV projects.

Domestic Solar Power Generation

Overall View of 2.5 MW Amsa Solar PV Plant Constructed by OCI in Amsa Water Purification Center, Seoul


Based on its business experience in the development and operation of plants in the domestic solar PV market since 2011, OCI has raised 130 billion KRW in OCI Solar PV Fund since 2016 with the aim of enhancing its domestic solar PV business and has been providing a one-stop service for solar PV business from project development to financing, responsible construction, O&M, and ESS utilization.



Project Development



Financing, Engineering



(Operation and Maintenance)

Services Provided by OCI

Project Development

Proven Feasibility Study

  • Optimum business site selection with project identification
  • Business structure modeling for maximizing the business value
  • Assessment of energy production from 6 years cumulative generation data from 300 solar PV systems across nation
  • Advisory service from site selection, financing, construction to O&M
Taking over Business License

Clear Value Assessment

  • Project value assessment by calculating acquisition cost

Overall View of Domestic Solar PV Plants Constructed by OCI

서울시 강북정수장, 함안 동원시스템즈, 세종시 KDI, 서울시 암사태양광 발전소(정수장), 세종시 호수공원 주자창, 아산 동원시스템즈, 서울시 지축차량기지, 창원 동원F&B