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OCI produces the high-purity Phosphoric Acid required in semiconductor production.

Product Features




Semiconductor wafer etchant material, LCD Etchant Material

Production Process

P4(yellow phosphorus) is combusted and undergoes hydration and refinement to produce Phosphoric Acid (75%, 85%). Additional refinement is executed to produce high-purity Phosphoric Acid for semiconductors.

OCI Status

Gunsan Plant

Gunsan Plant

OCI started production of Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4) at the Incheon Plant in 1980, and LCD-grade high-purity Phosphoric Acid production started in 2007. OCI started supplying high-purity Phosphoric Acid to Samsung Electronics in 2008, and expanded supply to the world's leading semiconductor companies.

Business Commencement


Production Plant Status

Gunsan Plant

Key Point

  • Dry Process

    Semiconductor-grade phosphoric acid manufacturer using dry process

  • Leading Technology

    Far lower metal content in semi-conductor process compared to competitors


  • Product Name : Phosphoric Acid
  • Chemical Formula : Semi-H3PO4
  • CAS No. : 7664-38-2
  • Certification : : OHSAS 18001, RoHS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001
  • Tel : +82-2-727-9486
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