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Bio Business

OCI focuses on specialty technologies and adopts A&D (Acquisition&Development) strategy to become a global biopharmaceutical company.

About Bio Industry

Bio ǥ̹

Bio Business

Bio Industry is an industry that creates added value by combining various industrial technologies such as medicine, chemistry, electronics, energy, agriculture, and food based on biotechnology. Bio Industry includes biopharmaceuticals, bioenergy and resources, bio-information, bio-food, bio-electronics, bio-process and engineering, bio-chemicals, and bio-environment.

Category of Bio Business
Red Bio
  • *Symbolizing red blood, collectively referring to the 'Bio business in medical and pharmaceutical fields'
  • *Biomedicals, molecular diagnostics, precise medical, etc.
Green Bio
  • *Mass production of materials and products that utilize bio-technology in agriculture, forestry and fishery industries
  • *Seed improvement, GMO, Smart Farm, etc.
White Bio
  • *Typical environmental and energy fuel applications
  • *Biofuels, bio-based chemicals, functional foods/material, etc.
Fusion Bio
  • *Based on bio-technology, information and communication technologies, nanotechnology, etc.
  • *Personalized diagnosis/treatment, development of new medicines through AI, etc.

Goal and Strategy

Roadmap of OCI Bio Business
bio business roadmap
Researcher of OCI


  • Sustainable Growth

    Open innovation to develop the pipeline and internalize new drug development capabilities

  • Win-Win Partnership

    Establishment of cooperative system with potential bio companies

    & Building a network with bio-specialists

  • Enhancement

    Creating synergy with existing businesses using R&D centers and management systems

    & Strengthen global M&A experience and manufacturing strengths