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Environmental Management

Eco-friendly management system in place at OCI

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Managing the Global Environmental Management System

OCI Safety & Environment Management Policy

OCI Occupational Safety and Health Management(SH&E) Policy

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Occupational safety is a core element that supports the wellness and growth of the company, and the company will fulfill all social responsibility related to occupational safety based on the belief that it is the source of every member’s happy life, respecting and considering colleagues and neighbors. All OCI employees shall observe the following occupational safety principles to take the initiative in establishing a zero-accident, zero-pollution work environment, and also implement safety technology advancements and continuous energy reduction.
· Occupational Safety Principles (3P)
  • + Priority : The highest priority will be placed on occupational safety, and everyone will endeavor to prevent disasters with proactive management.
  • + Positive : Field-oriented occupational safety will be implemented with a positive and proactive attitude.
  • + Partnership : Gain trust from society and communicate with stakeholders to maintain true partnerships.

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OCI sets strategic directions, goals and strategic tasks for eco-friendly management, and manages the environmental management system accordingly. The SH&E (Safety, Health and Environment) organizational system established company-wide is in place to manage the formulation/revision of a standard manual and a work procedure, review newly formulated/revised laws, conduct internal inspection and support programs to establish a culture on safety.

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SH&E Team

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Every month, the head of business site convenes a safety, health, and environment meeting with business site workers, shift supervisors, department and heads in mandatory attendance, as well as the head of suppliers and other relevant parties related to environment and safety, when necessary.

Mid-and Long-Term GHG Management Plans

OCI established the ‘2020 GHG (Green House Gas) Master Plan’ to preemptively respond to climate change. Internal standards have been devised to respond to the emission trading scheme implemented in 2015. We also prepare ourselves to discover external projects to lower GHG. We seek for additional technologies to apply GHG reduction technologies to production processes

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