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    Activities to foster talents for the knowledge based society of the 21st century

    OCIs Education/Scholarship Activities

    OCI is contributing to Koreas educational development by participating in education and scholarship programs through the Songdo Academy and The SongAm Foundation OCIs support efforts will lay a foundation to improve the education environment in local communities and foster talents.

    Songdo Academy

    Songdo Academy is playing a leading role in developing the talents who will lead our society in the future.


    SongAm Scholarship

    Song Am Scholarship is committed to selecting students eligible to the scholarship in order for them to grow as leaders for the future.


    Solar School Project

    This donation activity will allow our juveniles to experience the importance of solar energy, which is eco-friendly future energy.


    BK21 Project

    The BK21 Project for Industrial-Academic Cooperation with major universities across the country contributes to the development of national technology through the nurturing of exceptional talents.

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