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    Hiring Procedures

    New Graduates Hire

    1.Hiring Announcemant 2.Filing Cmployment 3.Screening of candidates 4.Aptitude Test 5.Interview 6.Medical Examination

    Year-Round Recruitment(Graduates & Experienced)

    1.Online Application 2.Resume Screening 3.Interviews 4.Offer 5.Health Screening

    Global Talent Hire

    1.Online Application 2.Interviews(in korea or overseas) 3.Offer

    Training for new employees

    Training session for New Employees - New employees receive basic training at the Company training center.

    • Letter of Appointment presentation Ceremony - The new employee is presented a letter of appointment by management with a welcome from the executives and other employees.
    • Mentor Match - The new employee is matched with a mentor to ensure early adaptation to the new environment and stability in job performance.
    • OJT - For each type of task, the new employee learns from early adaptation to the new environment and stabilitry in job performance.
    • Refresh Workshop - A Refresh workshop is given at the training center for development of his or her competency when the employee reaches six month or one year of first joining the company.
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