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    Global Talent

    Developing Human Resources

    Recruiting and Nurturing Global Talents

    OCI has tried to challenge continuously and change to become a global leading company via navigating the rapidly-changing global market. OCI recruits global talents regardless of their nationalities from all over the world i.e. the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan and etc. in order to secure global top talents who are going to be the growth engines for future of OCI and who are going to lead those changes. Through the Global Internship Program, the corporate culture of OCI has been known to the world. By making placements of the global talents into core business department, OCI has tried to proactively repond to diversity and global trend.

    1. OCI was selected by global consulting firm Hewitt Associates as one of the Best Employers in Korea in 2009   / 2. The first graduating class of the OCI MBA program, which launched in 2008. / 3. The third graduation class of the OCI MBA program. which launched in 2009

    Developed Global Leadership Programs

    In support of global leadership programs, we conducted an extensive Assessment Survey for managers. Based on results, we implemented several initiatives, including Strength & Weakness Analysis, Feedback and a Personalized Development Program. In addition, we are providing a Succession Planning program to secure the company's sustainabilit and competitiveness. We are focused on ensuring long-term human resources development and education. By integrating these programs, we are systematically strengthening our human resources management.

    Recognized as a Best Employer in Korea

    'Best Employers in Korea' is awarded to a company based on its sustainable development and unparalled competitiveness  after assessing employee engagement of the organization in the category of outstanding HR system, program and dynamic organizational culture. To this end, OCI conducted the engagement survey from 2006 with a global consulting firm to measure employee engagement regarding the company vision and strategy to establish a performance oriented organizational culture with the follow up action pln to improve employee engagement based on the survey results.

    Launched OCI-MBA Program for Employees

    In 2008, OCI began providing opportunities for MBA programs to employees at the managerial level and above. In line with our goal of becoming a Leading Global Chemical Company, we designed the program to nurture talent and management capability around the world. The three month program, which uses case studies of actual companies, is managed by Yonsei University, and draws on the expertise of the University's faculty as well as professionals from diverse fields. By learning key management and leadership skills, OCI's employees are becoming global leaders.

    Focused on Performance-Oriented Evaluation

    OCI evaluates and improves performance by focusing on each employee's responsibilities and position. Performance is measured by the existing management system and by shared, multifaceted information from managers, which, in turn, enhances operations. We conduct a regular Salary Survey in order to upgrade our compensation system and have adopted a Global Grading System to improve communications about evaluation and compensation. In addition, in order to enhance the company's R&D capabilities, we have revamped our organizational and personnel management system to focus on research and the R&D Center.

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