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    Technical proposal

    OCI is looking for a promising business partner who can distinguish itself from others through core competencies and become on board with our endeavor to reborn as a new global leader in the green energy and chemical industry by producing and offering the best products that meet the expectation of the employees, customers, shareholders and interest parties under ceaseless innovation. Feel free to present the differentiated core competencies held by your company in the new business fields of renewable energy, inorganic chemicals, oil and coal chemical, fine chemical and thermal insulation. Please download the [Technical Proposal] on the right-side, fill in the required details precisely and send it to good_partner@oci.co.kr.Your suggestions will only be used for internal examination purpose to distinguish your intention of collaboration with OCI, and be stricly prohibited from the use for other purposes. We will kindly reply with our examination results within 3 months from the receipt of such proposal.

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