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    As the primary raw material used in the solar PV value chain, polysilicon is at the top of the supply value chain, followed by ingot, wafer, cell, modules and solar power system. It requires advanced technology and a purity level of 99.9999999% (referred to as "9-nine"). Moreover, the polysilicon industry is a very capital-intensive industry and requries a large investment in equipments and facilities with a high technology barrier to entry. After completing its first polysilicon plant in Gunsan in December 2007, with a production capacity of 6,500 tons per year, OCI Company Ltd. successfully entered the polysilicon market and began commercial production. The company started its first product shipment in March 2008. With the completion of the second polysilicon plant (10,500 tons/year) at the end of September 2009, the third plant (10,000 tons/year) at the end of December 2012 and the two-phase plant expansions (8,000 and 7,000 tons each), OCI became a major supplier of solar and semiconductor grade polysilicon with a total annual production capacity of 42,000 tons since the end of 2011. Having attained the world-class production cost competitiveness, OCI produces high quality products through continuous process improvement, R&D and investment. OCI is suppying the entire quantity of 10-nine and 11-nine grade highest purity polysilicon to more than 50 companies around the world.

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    Photovoltaic Value Chain

    1. OCI Polysilicon   2. Ingot    3. Wafer    4.Solar Cell    5. Solar Module   6.PV System

    Production And Product Quality

    Polysilicon Rod,Polysilicon Chunk,Polysilicon Chip / Product Quality:10-nine Purity(Plant Designed to produre 11-nine semi grade)

    Polysilicon Strategic Direction

    Polysilicon Strategic Direction Detail Table
    Global Top Leading Polysilicon Player
    • Continue to expand capacity to maintain the position of global top 3 polysilicon supplier
    • Maintain 20% of market share
    PV industry Leader to achieve 'Grid Parity' in 2013~2016 year
    • Global top level of OpEx(Operating Expense) & CapEx(Capital expenditure) through cost reduction & process improvement
    글로벌 환경 보호 실천
    • Enhancing technology competitiveness through continuous quality & technical improvement

    As an IPP(Independent Power Plant) company, OCI specializes in building and managing solar power plants by renting and using the public facilities and idle spaces owned by the local company to generate profits. To this end, OCI signed a MOU with Gyeongnam Sacheon for 40MW, Seoul 100MW, Busan 100MW, Jeonbuk 100MW and Gunsan 40MW. Moreover, OCI Amsa Solar Power Plant was completed on July 30, 2013. Through this intiative, OCI plans to generate revenue, help the local government to be self sufficient in energy as well as promote CO2 reduction. The company will also take the lead in the power supply and demand program and stablization program in the country. At the same time, the company will expand the business in the overseas markets of Japan, China, South East Asia and other countries in addition to the solar project in the USA led by OCI Solar Power, the OCI subsidiary.

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