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    The main businesses of OCI are Basic Chemical, Petro Chemicals & Carbon Materials, and Energy Solution. Basic Chemicals consist of Polysilicon, the key material of solar cell, hydrogen peroxide for households and industrial raw materials, and fumed silica. Petro Chemicals & Carbon Materials business includes carbon black, the tire reinforcing and coloring material, pitch which is the basic material for aluminum process and benzene, used as key material in the chemical industry. For the energy solution business, solar PV business is the eco-friendly energy which protects the environment and earth.

    In 2016, OCI recorded the sales of 2,740 billion won on a consolidated basis. OCI is overcoming the recent crisis with cost innovation and customer intimacy management as the global solar power industry has entered a restructuring period during the past few years. We continue to secure and promote sustainable growth engines through choose and focus strategy on a reasonable level without harming the financial soundness of the company.

    Established in 1959, OCI entered the inorganic chemical industry by producing soda ash and then, expanded into fine chemistry and petro & chemical industry. Since 2008, the company started the polysilicon business which is the core material of solar PV business. In 2012, the company aimed to become the global leading green energy company by expanding into the solar PV business.

    OCI produces the highest quality products customized to the customer needs and provides rapid customer service by expanding the production facilities and local sales agencies around the world. By 2017, the company is operating 28 production facilities in 8 countries and providing customer services in more than 100 countries.

    As a global leading manufacturer of polysilicon for solar PV generation, OCI provides 10-nine ultra high purity polisilicon worldwide to China, Korea, US, Asia and Europe. OCI also produces hydrogen peroxide, the raw material for commodities like detergents and fumed silica for various industrial uses.

    Based on the domestic success in the petro & chemical and carbon industries, OCI has been marketing actively in the global market for carbon black, pitch and BTX. In 2016, OCI built OJCB plant to produce carbon black and Ma-Steel OCI chemical plant for coal tar distillation in China, aiming for the sustainable growth in the world’s largest market.

    In 2012, OCI signed the MOU to build 400 MW solar PV project with CPS Energy in San Antonio, Texas USA and completed the Alamo project successfully in 2016. It was another success story as a global solar power company by building the plant in such a short period of time and thus, enhancing the corporate brand image. The company is also looking to expand new business opportunities in the global solar power market not only in the domestic market but also in China, Latin America and Africa.

    OCI R&D Center aims to develop differentiated new technology and technology oriented new business to meet the needs of the customers and the market. With our outstanding researchers through the industry and academic collaboration, cooperation between companies and accomplishing government projects, we are contributing to the humankind and leading the development of the eco-friendly cutting edge chemical technology.

    OCI aims to become a global leading green energy and chemical company based on its core values: Chance, Challenge and Change to create an organization culture where employees can fully develop their capability and creativity.

    OCI pursues sustainability management where customers, stakeholders, investors, government, local community, partner companies and all the employees grow together.

    OCI is committed to systematic and sustainable improvement for the establishment of more mature Safety, Health & Environment management system. In this respect, the company recognizes SH&E as the key elements of the business management and conducts SH&E improvement activities based on 3P Principles: Priority, Positive and Partnership. All our employees consider the SH&E as the top priority for their work and operators actively participate in the improvement activities so that field based environment safety is achieved successfully.

    OCI recognizes the employees as partners for the mutual development and provides specialized education programs and career development opportunities so that they can grow into professional global leaders.

    OCI is conducting Solar School Projects as we donate solar PV systemsto elementary schools. We have 1004 (angel) volunteer activities where all employees participate voluntarily and are making various efforts in the areas of social welfare, regional community, culture and arts in order to fulfill our social responsibilities and obligations to the humanity and our communities to become a company trusted by all its members.

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