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    Management Information

    Board Of Directors

    Soo Young Lee
    Chairman and Representative Director
    Chairman and Representative Director, OCI Chairman, OCI Enterprises Former Chairman, The Korea Employers Federation Former Chairman, Korea Specialty Chemical Industry Association
    Woo Sug Baik
    Vice Chairman and Representative Director
    Former CEO, Oriental Chemical Industry, Former President and CEO, eTEC E&C Limited
    Woo Hyun Lee
    President and Representative Director
    President and CEO, OCI. Former Vice President, CSFB (Hong Kong), Former Managing Director, Capital Z Partners (Seoul)
    Yong Hwan Kim
    Outside Director
    Director, KT&G Welfare Foundation Representative Lawyer, Law Office of Kim & Park Co. Former Outside Director, Hanaro Telecom Former Prosecutor Former Adviser, Korea International Trade Law Association
    Jang Sik Bahn
    Outside Director
    Dean, Sogang Graduate School of Management of Technology,Former Dean, Sogang Institute of Advanced Technology,Former Vice Minister, Ministry of Planning and Budget
    Ki Pung Yoo
    Outside Director
    • Professor, School of Chemical Engineering, Yeungnam University • Vice President, Korea Photovoltaic Society• Representative of Korea, IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Task 1
    Sang Seoung Yi
    Outside Director
    Professor of Economics at Seoul National Univ. Associate Prof. of Economics at Sogang Univ. Associate Prof. of Economics at Dartmouth College. Ph.D. in Economics at Harvard Univ.
    Audit Committee
    JhangShick Bahn / YongHwan Kim / SangSeung Yi / ChinHo Park
    Outside Director candidate nomination committee
    SangSeung Yi / SooYoung Lee / YongHwan Kim / JhangShick Bahn / ChinHo Park
    Steering committee
    SooYoung Lee / WooSug Baik / WooHyun Lee / ChinHo Park
    Compensation Committee
    YongHwan Kim / SooYoung Lee / SangSeung Yi / JhangShick Bahn
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