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    Global Leading Green Energy & Chemical Company

    1. Our Future - Constantly innovate to produce green energy and chemical products with the highest level of satisfaction to our employees, customers, shareholders and stakeholders. 2. Our Way - Achieve care technology leadership through innovation, operational excellence, and resource optimization based on an open and diversity-respectful corporate culture. 3. Our Values - Seize the CHANCE with thorough preparation and with the spirit to CHALLENGE for continuous CHANGE for a greater future.
    Our Way Our Values

    Our Strategies

    Sustainable Growth
    Develop through systematic organizational management and activities in the areas of environment, safety, and health.
    Focus On Core Business
    Turn existing competitive technological capabilities and new technologies into key businesses and promote them into growth businesses.
    Talent Development
    Nurture all employees into globally competitive talents
    Satisfy and impress customers through insightful understanding of their needs, adoption of customer-first approach, and prompt response to their requests.
    Social Contribution
    Fulfill the role as a corporate citizen trusted by other members of the society for enriching their lives.
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