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    R&D Center

    A state of the art hub for chemical R&D, R&D Center

    With the goals of pushing the boundaries of technology and generating new enterprises, the OCI Company Ltd. R&D Center was established in 1982. Today, the Center employs more than 100 highly trained researchers who strengthen OCI Company Ltd.'s global competitiveness by improving existing products and by exploring new technologies and products that will grow the company.

    R&D Center has acquired innovative technologies and patents that represent a broad range of improvements in product quality, process technologies and new product development. These strategic R&D acquisitions contribute to OCI Company Ltd.'s outstanding success. In the future, we intend to maximize profits by the efficient use of resources and the continuous development of state-of-the-art technology in the key fields of carbon materials, polymers, information and electronic materials, powder and nano materials, organic and inorganic chemicals, and environment/analytical supports.

    The image of R&D Center


    Presenting a corporate future through the development of differentiated new technology and the creation of new technology-driven business


    1. Develop new products to meet the needs of customers and the market  2. Maximize research competence through selection and focus  3. Secure new talent, and foster existing human resources


    The history of R&D Center
    2009. 12 Founded R&D Center in Incheon, approved by Ministry of Education,
    Science & Technology
    2009. 01 Constructed independent building (Research Room and Pilot Plant)
    2007. 05 Merged Oriental Chemical Industries R&D Center
    2006. 09 Designated as Test Research Agency for agricultural chemical items
    registration (physics and chemistry analysis/residue-prone)
    2001. 07 Transferred R&D Center (Incheon Sungnam)
    2000. 07 Established Gunsan Branch of R&D Center
    1983. 09 Revised Research Position System
    (Introduced Professional Research Position System)
    1982. 12 Extended R&D Center, and completed remodeling

    View of R&D Center, Main Building

    Image of R&D Center, Main Building

    Contact Information

    358-11, Sangdaewon 1-dong, Joongwon-ku, Sungnam, Gyeonggi-do,
    462-807, Korea
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