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    Research Fields

    OCIs R&D Center is actively engaged in a variety of fields, including renewable energy, carbon/macromolecule/information electronic material, pulverulent body/nano, organic & inorganic chemistry and environment, while being committed to maximizing profit creation through the enhanced competitiveness of its core products and the development of technology-intensive high value added products, and the cutting-edge technology for future industry.

    • Organic  Inorganic Chemicals

    • Polymeric  Carbon Materials

    • Environment  Analysis

    Organic chemicals

    For more than two decades, developing new agricultural products has been a key field for our research. Currently, we have commercialized 16 agricultural chemicals for domestic and overseas markets, including well-known insecticide Carbofuran.

    We also have developed pharmaceuticals such as anti-inflammatory agents and anti-epileptics and anti-tussives, and rubber chemicals. These new commercial products resulted from our own manufacturing technology breakthroughs, based on organic synthesis, analysis and catalysis. We have further succeeded in manufacturing the world's first dioxin-free HCP (hexachlorophene), a bactericide for medical applications, and have already earned U.S. FDA approval (No. 6430) for it.

    Ongoing investigations include a special plasticizer that makes processing easier by lowering melt viscosity, eco-friendly plasticizer and a special polyol used in manufacturing polyurethane.

    Inorganic chemicals

    In the Korean bleaching agent market, which has been dominated by chlorine bleaching agents, we have developed Sodium Percarbonate (PC, Product Name: OxyClean), an oxygen bleaching agent, which allowed us to secure the world's leading capacity as a single plant. We further developed coated Sodium Percarbonate, which is environmentally friendly, has excellent storage stability and improved solution properties, and is now available on the market. In 1997, this product won IR52, the Jang Young-Sil Award by the Korea Industrial Technology Association of the Ministry of Education & Science Technology. Currently, a variety of attempts have been made to enhance the quality of products and increase yield, including the development of Paste or fluid-type products. Together with these efforts, research is in progress to revolve from the existing process into the eco-friendly processes that are required in the chemical industry.

    Based on the experience and technology we accumulated with Koreas first development and commercialization of Fumed Silica used for sealant Filler CMP slurry, we were selected as an agency in charge of the research consortium for silicon material for solar battery technology development in August 2006, a renewable energy technology development project supported by the government, and we successfully performed this 3-year research project, which continued until July 2009. Our performance in this project has been externally recognized, selected as one of the 100 Outstanding National R&D Outcomes. In addition, based on our accumulated refining technology, we have commercialized highly purified phosphoric acid for semi-conductor manufacturing process, extending our research activities into wet chemicals for electronic materials.

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