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    60 six sigma Endless Cycle of Innovation

    Six Sigma vision

    OCIs VISION is to be Global leading green energy & Chemical Company. OCI has established a strategy to accomplish this vision and develop systematic and efficient activities, to maximize its achievements. Under the slogan, Six Sigma Management Innovation decides our future. OCI aims to realize customer satisfaction and value creation through the following 5 innovation practices.

    Methodology '6 Sigma' : phase1. Innovation Direction - 'Customer-oriented','Communication','Teamwork','Performance Orientation','Prioritizing the Environment and Safety' phase2. Our Strategies - 'Sustainable Growth','Focus on Core Business','Talent Development','Customer-focused','Social Contribution' phase3. Our Way,Our Future, Our Values phase4.Global Leading Green Energy & Chemical Company

    Six Sigma Roles to solve strategic issues - To identify and eliminate defects in all processes of research,management and manufacturing. To minimize company-wide COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality) through improvement practices. To focus on high value-added products by strengthening quality competitiveness. To calculate the financial outcome of innovation practices, and to build up an innovation system that is aligned with the corporate strategy. To develop and improve products through the optimization of VOC/VOB-based customer requirements. To reduce cost by minimizing any factors that may deteriorate quality and COPQ in the process of development. VOC : Voice of Customer (or Customer Requirements), VOB : Voice of Business (or Corporate Requirements)

    Progress Timeline

    Introduction Period (06.2 ~ 08.12)

    The introduction period is from February 2006 to December 2008, during which OCI have been focusing on the introduction and accomplishments of Six Sigma. OCI has set up a Six Sigma office, control procedures, certification and compensation systems and task management systems. During this period, Six Sigma management innovation activities have been established by offering training programs on internal innovation activities and by nurturing BB/GB certified people.

    Settlement Period (09.1 ~ 11.12)

    Based on an enhanced level of internal competence, OCI has internally implemented Six Sigma practices on a full scale. OCI will complete the site-centered Quick Win, which was introduced in 2007, within the settlement period, and will establish OCI-specific innovation systems aiming at task deduction and education through its unique competence.

    The Progress Timeline.
    Introduction Period('06.2~'08.12) Settlement Period('09.1~'11.12)
    Key Goals Six Sigma competency Six Sigma implementation
    Main Activities To establish a dedicated system, To obtain BB/GB authenticators, To train innovation activity and promote understating To extend this to headquarters and research institutes, To nurture MBB,  To offer supplementary training, To establish a self-supporting execution system
    INFRA To strengthen PTS, To establish management principles To establish an innovation education system, To develop internal education materials, To teach Six Sigma in-depth
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