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    At OCI, we are a global company whose export sales account for more than 70% of the total sales revenue, with a product portfolio spanning the fields of inorganic chemicals, petro and coal chemicals, fine chemicals, renewable energy, insulation materials and sapphire Ingots. Our major product lines includes carbon black, pitch, tolunes di-isocyanate, hydrogen peroxide, sodium percarbonate, soda ash, fumed silica, and polycrystaline silicon, the basic material used to manufacture silicon wafers and photovoltaic cells. Through OCI's commitment embracing relentless innovation, we will supply products with highest level of satisfaction to our employees, customers, shareholders. and stakeholders and strive to become Global Leading Green Energy & Chemical Company

    An overviewing of the OCI
    Company Name OCI ( OCI COMPANY LTD.)
    Chairman and CEO LEE, SOO YOUNG
    Vice Chairman and CEO BAIK, WOO SUG
    President and CEO LEE, WOO HYUN
    Founded AUGUST 5, 1959
    Number of Issued Stock 23,849,371 (As of December 2016)
    Capital/Par Value KRW 127,247 Million (KRW 5,000)
    Employees 2,727 (As of December 2016)
    Stock Listed(Fiscal Closing) June 2, 1976(December)
    Address 94, Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
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