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    Quality management policy

    1. Quality management defines a companys commitment and promise to the society. It also sets out the basic goal and objective of the business management. 2. Company shall provide the products to meet the customer requirements through the following processes : quality planning, quality improvement, quality management and quality assurance. 3. All employees and interested parties are fully engaged in the quality management in compliance with QMS requirements.

    SH&E Management Policy

    1) Preamble / SH&E is a key element of management to ensure company's stability and growth. And we realize that SH&E is the source of a happy life of all the people and we stirve to do responsibility of corporate for society, based on human oriented principles which are respecting the fellows and caring the neighbors. All OCI employees will try hard to make the accident free and pollution free sites by complying with following SH&E principles whilst implementing task-actions, and will continuously seek energy reduction method and develop the more advanced safety technology than before.

    2) SH&E Principle(3P) / Priority : SH&E is prior to all other actions and we do our best to prevent accidents through the preparatory management. / Positive : We should practice field based SH&E activities as a positive and spontaneous attitudes. / Partnership : We maintain a true partnership through the community's trust and the continual conversation with stakeholders.

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