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    Renewable Energy

    As the primary raw material used in the solar PV industry, polysilicon is at the top of the supply value chain, followed by ingot, wafer, cell, modules, and solar power system. It is also requires advanced technology and a puriety level of 99.9999999%(referred to as '9-nine').OCI successfully launched commercial production of 9-nine grade polysilicon in 2008 through continued investment in R&D, and is currently providing 10-nine grade and 11-nine grade polysilicon to major customers.

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    Inorganic Chemicals

    OCI Company Ltd. supplies many of the inorganic chemical products needed by industries to produce a wide range of essential goods. With advanced technology and quality inorganic chemicals, we will maximize our strong performance by securing and expanding overseas production bases, ensuring effective suppliers of raw materials and upgrading our product quality while manufacturing higher-value products. We will also continue to build client relationships and deliver outstanding products to global markets.

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    Petro & Coal Chemicals

    OCI Company Ltd. blazed the way in the petro and coal chemicals industries by constructing a pioneering coal tar plant in 1976. We solidified that leadership with a new pitch plant in 1978, a naphthalene and tar acid plant in 1979, and a carbon black plant in 1981. These facilities led us to construct our coal chemical complex, which produces an array of chemical products by distilling byproducts from the process of iron making, such as coal tar and light oil. It also allowed vertical integration in our production processes of petrochemical products, such as BTX, carbon black, phthalic anhydride, plasticizer and TDI. We now provide many of the conveniences of everyday life as well as core materials for such diverse industries as automotive, construction, electric, electronic and textile.

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    Fine Chemicals

    OCI Company Ltd. produces an array of chemical reagents, agrochemicals. We also produce specialty reagents used in the semiconductor, organic synthesis and biochemistry fields, as well as reagents for general analytic purposes. Recently, we developed a range of top-quality medical ingredients to serve the rapidly growing pharmaceutical industry.

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    Mainly made from fumed silica, ENERVAC (fumed silica vacuum insulation panel) is an innovative insulation material with a thermal conductivity of 0.0045W/mK, manufactured using special processing methods such as vacuum packaging. ENERVAC delivers an advanced thermal insulation performance by applying an outer cover with special materials (aluminum coated films, etc.) to the core mainly composed of fumed silica. Through that, moisture and air is being kept outside, offering an eight times higher insulation performance than traditional insulation materials.

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