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    • The first green company certification in Korea

    Making inroads in CHINA

    In March 2010, Shandong OCI(SOCI) completed the construction of a 250,000-ton coal tar distillation plant. SOCI will produce pitch, carbon black oils, and naphthalene, leading to a significant expansion of our portfolio in this critical oversea market. OCI CHINA officially began local polysilicon sales in the fourth Quarter and is expected to play a key role in sourcing raw material for us and our subsidiaries.

    New Business

    In January 2011, OCI advanced into the North American solar energy market by acquiring a majority interest in. Cornerstone Power Development, a U.S.-based solar power plant developer, through this acquisition, OCI is entering the rapidly growing downstream solar market in North America, where we expect solar PV capacity to grow five fold over the next several years. The new company changed its name to OCI Solar Power and became an operating entity under our US subsidiary, OCI Enterprises Inc. In order to execute plans to enter the LED sapphire ingot business, 100 billion KRW was invested in the opening of a sapphire ingot manufacturing plant capable of producing 4 million mm TIE per year. OCI's Jeonju, North Jeolla Province sapphire ingot manufacturing plant was completed on March 2012. OCI began commercial production of sapphire ingots on September, 2011 and has carried out product & technical development with the objective to become a global leader.

    Selecting and focusing for synergy

    We made a number of strategic decisions affecting our business portfolio during the year. In July, we establishing Elpion from the spin-off of the photovoltaic materials business of affiliate Smart Application, securing a stable supply of polysilicon filament for our polysilicon business. In October, we increased our equity stake in OCI Materials securing a controlling interest in this specialty gases maker that solidly positions us to adapt to the changing market environment. We also sold off our equity interest in or exited a number of operations, including USbased carbon black producer Columbian Chemicals, our Yongyeon phthalic anhydride and plasticizer plant, and Dong Yang Silicone, a producer of silicon products for construction and industrial applications.

    OCI : MOU for a KRW 10 trillion investment in Saemangeum

    OCI signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with authorities of North Jeolla Province(Jeolla-bukdo), Gunsan, Saemanguem Gunsan Free Economic Zone (SGFEZ) and Korea Rural Community Corporation(KRC) to invest KRW 10 trillion to develop 1.55 million m2 area (about 470 thousand pyeong) in Saemanguem Industrial Complex from 2010 to 2020.
					With the investment to develop in Saemanguem Industrial Complex, OCI will further enhance its global competitiveness with production capability of global standards. And OCI, the chemical industry leader for the past 50 years, will pave the way to lead the next half century in the future of the industry.
					OCI will embark on a project to build an advanced materials plant for core materials of photovoltaic industry of polysilicon, nano silica and carbon materials to secure the next-generation growth engines for sustainable growth.
					Furthermore, OCI will build not only a cogeneration plant but manufacture products to interconnect and supplement the properties of raw materials, and balance supply and demand of energy to ultimately maximize the synergy effects.

    Renewable Energy Korea 2010

    OCI participated in the international renewable energy exhibition called 'Renewable Energy Korea 2010' in Seoul COEX between October 13th and October 16th.136 Companies from 14 countries participated in the exhibition arranged by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Korea Energy Management orporation.They introduced technology and products related to photovoltaic energy, wind power, solar thermal energy, geothermal energy, bio, fuel energy cell, etc. This latest exhibition featuring polysilicon (the basic material used to manufacture silicon wafers and photovoltaic cells) and highperformance FS VIP (Fumed Silica Vacuum Insulation Panel), has been a great success for OCI in introducing itself to the public and expanding its horizon.

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